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Custom Yoga Mats

personalized yoga mat

From $74.99


Size: 72x24
Thickness: 0.45cm (3/16″)
Weight: 4.8 lbs (2200g)
Production time: 3-4 days

The benefits of yoga are well-known today, not only in India where it originated, but pretty much all over the world. Innumerable people perform various asanas on a regular basis, both in studios and at home. If you are one of these people, then get a cool custom yoga mat for yourself.

Your yoga mat is literally the foundation for every asana you do. And if you are planning to sit and meditate, you’ll probably use your yoga mat too.

Our gorgeous mats are completely personalized and created just for you. They are a generous 72 inches by 24 inches in size. In terms of thickness, they are 3/16″ – thick enough to provide a nice cushion, and yet not so thick that they are bulky and make you disconnected from the ground. So go ahead, create just the look that you want.

Is a yoga mat necessary?

If you are wondering whether a yoga mat is necessary in order to do yoga, it is not. Obviously, you can practice yoga without a yoga mat. But there are a lot of great reasons to get one. Here are just a few:

– It gives you a cushion and padding when you are performing asanas. With a mat that is appropriately thick, you will not scrape or bruise your elbows, knees etc. when you do your yoga.

– It provides a non-slip area. For example, if you were to be doing the Adho Mukha Svanasana (downward facing dog), you certainly don’t want your hands and feet to slip, do you? If you are not using a yoga mat, depending on the surface you are on, you may find insufficient traction.

– Perhaps most importantly, your customized yoga mat creates an ambience for you – a little world of your own where you can set your own mood. Want to feel peaceful and relaxed?

Perhaps you want a photo of an Om or a silhouette of a person deep in meditation like the one above.

Or maybe you want a photo of a favorite vacation spot where you felt ultimately calm, or the photo you took of a single bird taking flight into a cloudless blue sky.

Maybe you’ll find a mandala type design inspiring:

These are just a few ideas, but there is no limit on what you can do, other than your imagination. Whatever it is that makes you feel in the mood for yoga, you can simply take a photo and put it on our mats, and there you have it – a personalized yoga mat that everyone will be asking about.